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These trainings are designed for teachers and youth workers who want to deliver the Mérite Jeunesse  programme to the youth. They can be roofed by an organisation working with youth which wants to become an Award Unit, meaning an organisation licenced as a certified Award programme provider. Only organisations or schools with at least one Award Coordinator and one more Award Leader can become an Award Unit. It is also possible to be a freelance Award Leader to support youngsters who are not part of a Unit.

The Mérite Jeunesse runs two trainings a year : an Award Leader Training and an Adventurous Journey Training.


Award Leader Training

This course is for teachers and youth workers to be able to effectively mentor and support participants through their Award programme.

What is an Award Leader?

Award Leaders could be anyone from a teacher to a sporting coach to a scouts leader.

As long as they are appointed by an Award Unit.  They play one of the biggest roles in the Award.

It is also possible to become an Award Leader to support youngsters who have no Unit they could join.

The role of an Award Leader is to guide and mentor participants, helping to set achievable goals and to offer encouragement! They are the support system for participants who offer motivation and inspiration.

They need to have a positive attitude, a great relationship with young people and meet the requirements of being an Award Leader.

An Award Leader is a volunteer who is the contact for the Award Unit, and is responsible for running the Mérite Jeunesse in that school or organisation. Typically an Award Unit may have two or more Award Leaders to spread the work load and to ensure continuity. One of the Leaders is the coordinator who ensures the programme is well established in the school and who is the main contact person of the national office.


Adventurous Journey Supervisor and Assessor Training

This course is designed to equip Adventurous Journey Supervisors and Assessors with the knowledge and skills to deliver the Adventurous Journey section successfully, from the training of participants to the qualifying venture.

What is an Assessor?

Assessors should be suitably skilled volunteers who can assess an Adventurous Journey of the Award. They make contact with the hiking group at least once a day and are looking to ensure that the minimum time requirements have been met and that all participants show effort and work as a team. Once the entire journey is completed the Assessor should debrief the team.

What is a Supervisor ?

The Assessor and the Supervisor may be the same person. Supervisors are volunteers who play a critical role in implementing and overseeing the arrangements concerning the safety of participants during their Adventurous Journeys.


For more information please contact the national office.

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